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A new normal.

As we navigate our way through what seems to be a confusing and stressful time of creating a “new normal”, it can take it’s toll on our mental and physical health.  Overeating due to stress or boredom along with being a little more sedentary than previously, can reek havoc on our bodies and also our minds.

Finding ways to make the adjustment can be overwhelming to say the least. As I continue to make adjustments not only in my personal life but in business as well, I caution myself to move at a pace that will allow me to move in peace and not rush to make a decision but allowing myself to weigh out my options without being paralyzed in fear and not moving at all.

Although this is a very trying time for all, know that change can be a great thing in so many ways. Stopping to look at the things that we thought we needed and the things that we took for granted.

Are we taking the time to look internally and see what changes we can make within to make us more loving, kind, compassionate, patient and finding joy?  What about taking the time to nurture yourself and have a love of self?

When we have self love, we desire to take care of ourselves, mentally, physically and spiritually in whatever that looks like to bring peace to our souls.  

During this time I have made it a point to connect with others by calling, Face-timing, sending hand written postcards and notes via snail mail. Why? Because I wanted to give each individual something that was dear to me and that was time. God bless.

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